Apple Watch Series 4

It’s truly shocking and impressive that Apple manages to wow us with their new releases each and every year. Yet, here we are, slack-jawed at their keynote once again. And while the whole range of new products is impressive, the Apple Watch Series 4 is definitely near the top of the pile.

We’re not sure how they managed it, but the Series 4 smartwatch is a huge upgrade from previous iterations. And the list of new features is as daunting as it is drool-worthy. For starters, the case is thinner than ever, yet the touchscreen is an impressive 30% larger than ever — pushing the bezel all the way to the edge. The crown also got some major improvements, including more responsive haptic feedback and a lower profile. They’ve even given the onboard speaker a boost in the form of 50% more volume for Siri, phone calls, or music streaming. Even the caseback is improved, now constructed beautifully from ceramic and crystal, allowing radio waves to pass right through — making this watch more connected than ever.

The guts of the device are equally improved, starting with a new S4 chip (equipped with a 64-bit dual-core processor) that makes the Series 4 twice as fast and responsive than older models. That performance also means this is the most customizable its ever been, giving you the ability to really make it your own — whether that means putting a picture of your family on the face, displaying fitness information on the main screen, and more. It’s also loaded with up to eight complications accessible with just a swipe, has a gyroscope and accelerometer with a dynamic range that’s two times better than before (and can even detect a fall and call for help), and is the world’s first over-the-counter device approved by the FDA that can take an electrocardiogram (also known as an ECG or EKG). This new smartwatch will hit the store soon starting at $399.

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