Apple Watch Series 3

Today, at the official opening of the Steve Jobs Theater at the brand’s new campus, Apple unveiled some very cool new tech. One of the more notable announcements, however, was that their wrist-mounted accessory, the Apple Watch, was getting some much-needed enhancements with their upcoming Series 3.

For about as long as the technology has existed, fans and critics alike have wanted a phone-free version of the Apple Watch. The Series 3 delivers that with the new onboard cellular option. That means you no longer have to stay tethered to your iPhone in order to use the smartwatch. This new version also offers on-the-go GPS (for mapping directions and finding your location), as well as the ability to make calls, send texts, and stream music all on its own. It’s even got Siri onboard, can receive app notifications no matter where your phone is, and still offers exercise tracking (with an upgraded heart monitor) and water-resistance. Prices start at $399.

Purchase: $399+