This Autographed Auction Is Full Of Apple’s Earliest & Rarest Tech & Gear

We’ve all seen at least one of Apple’s original computers — small, unattractive boxes that set the standard and paved the way for many of today’s modern variants. While these original models weren’t easy on the eyes, Steve Jobs’ influence on the computing space, as a result, has become undeniable — and now, a handful of the company’s preliminary experiments, memorabilia, and products are being listed for auction.

RR Auctions’ upcoming Steve Jobs & Apple exhibition is filled to the brim with interesting items from the company’s past, including a 1977 Apple II computer contract signed by the late Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO, a Macintosh Portable system, Apple “Think Different Watch,” and even a fully-functional Apple-1 computer from the collection of former Apple product design engineer, Jerry Manock. Other collector’s items like plaques and documents signed by Steve Jobs, himself, will be available alongside various knick-knacks, including a retro Apple logo neon sign, an iMac vinyl banner, and fashionable, vintage garments from the company’s earliest years. Head over to RR Auctions’ website to check out the entire collection, which will be open for bid on March 5.

Purchase: $200+