Apple TV 4K

For a while there cutting the cable meant making a lot of compromises. Interfaces were sloppy, quality spotty at times, and sports almost impossible to come by (legally). In the past few years that dynamic has changed for the better. Take the newly announced Apple TV 4K for instance.

The Cupertino-based tech behemoth announced this morning that they’ll be rolling out a new set-top box that has the capability to support 4K and HDR content. While the box itself looks like it hasn’t changed at all, the inside now boasts an A10X chip that runs the entire machine twice as fast as its predecessor – and with much better quality. This means sharper menu screens, even more impressive ‘floating camera’ screen-savers, and of course – incredibly high quality TV and movies from iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon. In addition to supporting these enhancements in fidelity and performance, the new Apple TV 4K will also feature a dedicated sports tab that allows fans to keep track of their teams at a glance and get updates when the game is close. Consider this another feather in the cap of cable-cutters. The box is set to ship September 22nd.

Purchase: $179