Apple News+

In a day and age when technology dictates the dispersion of newsworthy information, it falls upon the individual to mediate (and aggregate) their own daily consumption of media. This might not seem that difficult — after all, the phenomena known as the World Wide Web allows us, the users, to be the masters of our own fate — giving us all the tools we’ll ever need to become “informed” citizens. But Apple’s new News+ service is taking things to a whole new level.

The newly-revealed News+ from Apple was created to be a one-stop rendezvous for all of your favorite blogs and digital publications. Everything from GQ, Sports Illustrated, and Rolling Stone, all the way to lesser-known magazines that focus on niche audiences can be found within the new interface — and with support for all of Apple’s most popular devices, it’s safe to say that the tech giant seeks to cater to a large portion of the mobile world. After unveiling an improved lineup of iPads, Macs, and iPhones earlier this year, it comes as no surprise that the company is heading into the proprietary news space, providing editor-curated coverage, breaking news notifications, and an up-to-date personalized newsfeed that blends seamlessly over multiple devices. Apple’s original News app is always free — but for around $10 a month, the company’s News+ app will provide you with cover-to-cover publications, online and offline reading, and an expansive selection of today’s leading magazines for your perusal.

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