Apple’s New Classical Music Platform Boasts a Library of Over 5 Million Songs

Apple Music Classical 0 Hero
Photo: Apple

In the world of music streaming, some songs get washed away so rapidly that it’s almost impossible to remember what was released last week. Antiquity aside, perhaps this is why so many people can still appreciate classical music — after all, it’s not like the genre has anything necessarily new to offer. In all seriousness, though, Apple’s latest standalone listening platform adheres to classical enthusiasts, touting its new offshoot of Apple Music as “the world’s largest classical music catalog.”

Apple Music Classical 1
Photo: Apple

All this started back in 2021, when Apple bought out a classical music platform by the name of Primephonic, ultimately managing to crank out a lossless-capable experience highlighted by a virtually ceaseless library and thoughtfully-curated playlists. Boasting over 5 million tracks from some of the world’s most renowned composers and conductors, Apple Music Classical grants sonic historians access to virtually any piece of work their heart desires.

Apple Music Classical 2
Photo: Apple

Best of all, it’s free — as long as you have an active Apple Music subscription, that is. Moreover, if you don’t already subscribe, the streaming service’s plans start from $11 monthly, although you can choose to bundle it with Apple’s other platforms, including TV+ and News.

While Apple Music Classical is unavailable to use yet, you can pre-install it through the App Store, so it’s prepared for the official release date on March 28.