Apple’s Marina Bay Sands Store Is A Floating Orb On The Coast Of Singapore

Apple’s presence is felt everywhere. From the coarse, golden sands of the North American coast, all the way to the bustling cityscapes of Asia. While the brand has opened many thought-provoking locations at the heart of the world’s most illustrious hubs, the recently-revealed Marina Bay Sands location takes the cake when it comes to amphibious elocution.

Located in Singapore’s iridescent Marina Bay, the monolithic floating orb provides 360-degree, panoramic views of the area’s sweeping skyline, providing customers with a feeling of futuristic appeal. As an all-glass orb structure complemented by vertical mullions, the store is the first of its kind. Drawing inspiration from the Pantheon (in Rome), the Marina Bay Sands location incorporates unique baffling, an oculus at its highest point, and a tree-clad interior space that disrupts natural light, resulting in staunch visual contrast. Of course, the store is also home to all of Apple’s cutting-edge products, accessories, and technologies, as well as some of its finest customer service representatives. There’s even an underwater board room, where developers, entrepreneurs, and associates can receive training and advice. Head to Apple’s press release to learn more.

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