Apple Launches Their First-Ever MagSafe Battery Pack For The iPhone 12

When Apple debuted the iPhone 12 with the MagSafe magnetic back, adherents of the brand drooled over the possibilities of Apple-made accessories they could magically click onto their new phone. And while the MagSafe Wallets available at launch were nice, what people really wanted was a magnetic power bank for the iPhone. And now Apple is finally giving us one in the MagSafe Battery Pack.

The MagSafe Battery Pack boasts a clean and classic Apple design. It’s an all-white rectangle with rounded corners and no ornamentation save for a slightly different-colored Apple logo. The magnetic Battery Pack is compatible with all four versions of the iPhone 12 and charges your phone automatically when attached, with no need for an on/off switch. The portable power bank offers 5W charging when used wirelessly, or 20W charging when plugged into a 20W power adapter (sold separately). We get the feeling that we’ll be seeing these stuck to the backs of many an iPhone in the coming weeks. The MagSafe Battery Pack is available now from Apple for $99.

Purchase: $99