Apple Mac Mini

The most recent Apple keynote is chock full of new products, with the debut of the newest iPad Pro and MacBook Air stealing most of the spotlight. However, the most surprising bit of news comes from the reemergence of the Mac Mini, the inconspicuous powerhouse that saw its most recent update over four years ago.

It seems the Mini was worth the wait — offering over five times the performance of its predecessor — in a package that’s less than 8 inches wide and only 1.4 inches tall. Featuring the new eighth-gen Intel quad (or 6-core) processor, 2666MHz DDR4 memory (that’s expandable up to 64GB), and a blazing fast 2TB SSD, the Mac Mini boasts a 60-percent increase in Intel graphics performance. The modular desktop will feature the same T2 Security Chip we’ve seen in Apple’s most recent gear and comes with an array of Thunderbolt 3, HDMI 2.0, and USB 3 ports — perfect for supporting a single 5K display (or three 4K displays), and any peripheral Bluetooth items linked to your own personal render-farm. The newest version of the Mini is available for preorder.

Purchase: $799+