This Concept Proves Apple’s iPhone 11 Could Work Brilliantly As A Folding Device

Following the announcement of Samsung and Huawei’s foldable phones earlier this year, it’s become clear that the genre’s novel architecture won’t wear off anytime soon. Despite the popularity of other foldable examples, the world’s most formidable smart device manufacturer, Apple, has yet to give in to the trend. Luckily, design-savvy channels like Youtube’s #iOS beta news are here to give us a conceptual look at what the future of the foldable iPhone might hold.

On the blog’s Youtube channel, viewers were treated to a foldable iOS model known as the iPhone Flip. The unique take on the essential smart device is undoubtedly sleek, and boasts a full-front display, as well as a “half-body” display on its rear, switching only when the phone is folded down into its form-fitting factor. Look a bit closer, and you’ll see the lauded stovetop camera system from Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, offering prospective buyers with an interesting, high-megapixel photography alternative that clocks in at a fraction of the size of its larger counterparts. While the iPhone Flip is still highly conceptual, there’s no denying that it would cause significant movement within the industry, should it ever arrive. We’ll keep our hopes up until then. Head to #iOS beta news’ Youtube channel for a closer look.