Apple iPad Pro

Hailed as “the biggest news for the iPad since the iPad,” Apple’s new iPad Pro is geared for those who already have the tech down pat; and it is heaven for anyone who does.

With a 12.9″ screen and  2,732 x 2,048 resolution display, the iPad Pro does split screen multitasking, running two apps side by side, like, well, a pro. Featuring an A9X chip, the iPad Pro just about doubles the performance speed of the iPad Air 2, and the powerful, secure, and intuitive iOS 9 was designed specifically for it. Four high-fidelity speakers bring your music to life, while front and rear facing iSight and FaceTime cameras capture any moment in a snap. Touch ID Technology uses your fingerprint as your password, safeguarding your data at all times. The brand’s new tablet will work with the Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil – a stylus inspired device that works in conjunction with the display to do things like track position, force, and even tilt as you sketch. Measuring 6.9 mm deep and weighing in at only 1.57 lbs, the iPad Pro starts at $799, and is worth every penny. [Purchase]

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