10 Essential iOS 16 Tips and Tricks You Should Know

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Every year, Apple does its best to show off its most contemporary capabilities, whether via new smartphones, premium laptops, or, in this case, innovative software updates. Upon unveiling numerous devices at its latest keynote, the Cupertino-bred tech giant made iOS 16 publicly available, so we narrowed down 10 of the tips and tricks in the new operating system. So, for those who haven’t upgraded your phone to iOS 16, we recommend making the switch (if possible), as several of its new features are just too enticing to pass up.

Is Your iPhone Compatible?

The Right Hardware

Your device should be compatible as long as your most recent iPhone upgrade came within the past five years. You can download iOS16 on generations as old as the iPhone 8, including the second-and-third-generation SE models. Considering Apple is pumping out new smartphones annually, we can’t blame you for forgetting which particular one you have. To find out, open the Settings app, tap General, followed by About, and your model name will appear.

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An Apple a Day

Battery Percentage: Many people question why Apple ever got rid of this convenient feature, so it was only a matter of time until the Geniuses decided to bring it back. More importantly, it’s as simple to access as it originally was. Go to the Battery category in settings and toggle ‘Percentage’ to have a consistent idea of your battery life.

Haptic Feedback: Add a lively feel to your typing by opening the Settings app, then going to Sounds & Haptics, and toggling ‘Haptic’ under the Keyboard Feedback category.

Password Protected Photos: There are multiple options here, all of which shed the need for ad-ridden, third-party apps. For starters, you can hide your Recently Deleted album in the Photos app by toggling it in the application’s settings. Additionally, you can press the secondary Edit button and select ‘Hide’ to automatically add it to a fully-hidden folder. 

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Make Some Changes

Editing messages: Sending messages full of typos isn’t necessarily an issue — after all, that depends on who you’re talking to. Nevertheless, the option of fixing your text is now easier than ever. Simply long press the specific message in question, then press ‘Edit,’ and make whatever changes you see fit.

Unsending messages: In case you messaged the wrong person or think a text may have been too egregious to send at all, Apple has implemented a feature that has become a mainstay on apps like Instagram. Luckily, the process is as simple as the previous trick; just press the message and press ‘Unsend’ as opposed to ‘Edit.’ Keep in mind that it will notify the recipient that you rescinded a text.

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On the Dot

Scheduling: The Mail app’s new Schedule feature is very convenient when emailing overseas family, friends, or business partners. You’ll quickly learn that it will prevent your emails from getting lost in a swarm of promotions and updates. Hold the Send icon to create a custom time or select one of the pre-set windows to take advantage of this new option.

Unsend: Similar to Gmail, there is a 10-second time window to undo sending an email — you just have to make sure you catch it on time.

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Lock Screen

Tailored To You

Add Widgets: Home screen widgets have been a favorite amongst iPhone users since being added last year, so it was only a matter of time before they’d be added to the lock screen. Touch and hold your lock screen and select the ‘Widgets’ category to add anything from the weather to fitness stats.

Customize Font, Time, and Background: One of the most exciting features of iOS 16 is the ability to make several different lock screens. To do so, long tap your lock screen, then press the plus button at the bottom, prompting you to select a wallpaper from your photos. Upon choosing your background, the corresponding elements. For example, tap the clock to change its stylized font.

Focus Mode: Focus Mode was undoubtedly one of iOS 15’s most convenient features, allowing you to designate specific time windows to keep you updated with what’s going on throughout the day, as opposed to the conventional Do Not Disturb mode. To access a distraction-free lock screen, go to the Focus section in the Settings app and choose ‘Lock Screen.’

One More Tip

For the Gamers

Connect Switch Joy-Cons: Nintendo owners and Apple Arcade subscribers, rejoice. Enter the Bluetooth section in Settings, press the pairing buttons on your Joy-Con, and pair it to your device to play games in a traditional fashion.

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