Apple iDesk Workstation Concept

Apple iDesk Workstation Concept 1
Nearly every year Apple decides to introduce new iterations on their existing product range, and if we’re lucky, we get an entirely new device. We know that Apple listens to their fans, and we’re hoping that this concept can spark some sort of new device from the Cupertino based tech giant. The folks at MacLife decided to create an Apple iDesk concept, essentially turning your iPad into a massive workstation.

This will completely alter the way we perform at the office, creating clutter-free, interactive environments that could lead to a more productive work day. The concept would be able to sync with any of your iOS devices by simply placing that device onto the desktop. There would of course be no reason for a mouse, because any area on the iDesk could be a designated track pad area. Desktop skins would be a great addition, giving users the ability to make any background from a faux mahogany desk to a workstation floating in space with a galaxy inspired background. The greatest part would be the ability to run multiple apps including calendar, phone, and even having notifications linked to your brand’s social media accounts. Again, this Apple iDesk is nothing more than a concept at this point in time, but it’s definitely one worth drooling over.

Apple iDesk Workstation Concept 2