Apple HomePod Speaker

Speakers that do more than just play music is not a groundbreaking concept. Sonos’ WiFi speakers have been around for a few years now, and Amazon’s Echo has already gone through a couple of different iterations. It was not too surprising, then, to see Apple officially announce their HomePod Speaker today in San Jose.

This isn’t to say we were any less excited. This Apple A8 chip-powered speaker is crazy capable. First off, it has really impressive audio quality. No matter where you place it in a room, the HomePod will detect and adapt to its surroundings. It can do this thanks both to an impressive array of beam-forming tweeters that wrap around the base of the pod, and a beefy 4 inch woofer in the center. Of course, the fun doesn’t stop here.

Apple’s HomePod also features Siri integration, making it so you can ask obscure questions like ‘Who was on the top of the Hot 100 in June of 2002?’ (Ashanti and Nelly), or ask her to do things like give updates on traffic, the news, or set reminders. Want Siri to control your HomeKit connected appliances? Apple has made integration super easy. The only downside we can see to the HomePod is that we can’t get our hands on it until December. Christmas, in this specific case, is not coming early.

Purchase: $350