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Apple’s HomePod Mini Is An AI-Assisted User-Customizable Smart Speaker

Regardless of what you’re looking for — be it an AI-assisted audio speaker, voice-controlled smartphone, or sleek, cinematic entertainment center — you’ll find it within Apple’s expansive catalog. The brand’s conventional smart speaker, known as the HomePod, has been lauded by many for its clear and concise audio reproduction, as well as its size, stature, and design. Now, its most prominent traits are about to make their debut in a much smaller enclosure known as the HomePod Mini.

Announced at today’s Apple event, the all-new HomePod Mini takes all of the beloved integrations of its predecessor and pairs them with a handsomely-crafted housing. Instead of the cylindrical tower that we’ve seen before, the Mini makes its debut as a smaller, more spherical device, which clocks in at a minuscule 3.3 inches tall. At its heart, an intelligent assistant responds and interacts with each member of your household, tailoring itself to their unique preferences and tastes, and allowing them to pair enabled Apple devices for personalized listening suggestions, calls, and streaming. Better yet, you can place two of these compact companions in a single room, pairing them for a widened (and more immersive) soundstage. To round things out, Apple’s new S5 chip will apply complex tuning models to optimize dynamic range in real-time, providing a unique listening experience for each type of medium. Head to the company’s website to learn more about the upcoming smart device, which is slated for sale at $99.

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