Get In Great Shape Anywhere With Apple’s Mobile Fitness+ Service

Earlier this year, Apple announced that its “One” subscription package would bring most of the company’s optimally-focused apps under a single umbrella, tying them together for a modest $30 a month. Within, its newly-revealed Fitness+ program caught the attention of athletically-inclined consumers looking for a way to further integrate their smart devices into their daily lives. Now, details on the program’s included features have been brought to light.

As it turns out, Apple’s Fitness+ Program will provide subscribers with an intuitive way to synch their favorite workouts with items like the Apple Watch, iPad, and iPhone, allowing you to channel personal trainers, regimens, and styles that are curated to help you meet your fitness goals. Not only does it integrate personal metrics (sourced from accessories like your Apple Watch) to tailor your own, unique workouts, but it acts as a gateway to daily motivation, coaching you through your daily routine. As you exercise, Fitness+ will reward your efforts with real-time animations, marking your progress for all to see. Whether you’re at home, at the gym, or on-the-go, Fitness+ promises to tie together all of your favorite Apple fitness apps, creating the perfect synergy for everyday progress. Look for the program to become available on December 14th for $10 a month, or for a discounted annual rate of $80.

Purchase: $10/Month