Apple Card

Credit cards are nothing new, but their functionality is sometimes shrouded in confusing language and sketchy business practices. But tech giant, Apple, is looking to change that with the introduction of one of the world’s most secure, accessible, and transparent credit cards ever.

Called simply the Apple Card, this next evolution in Apple Pay grants users contactless payments, as well as a numberless, titanium, chipped physical card for locations that don’t yet have a contactless system. The accompanying app also lets you look at your spending at-a-glance, so you can track your money and immediately pinpoint charges you don’t recognize. And it color-codes every transaction into simple graph summaries, so you can get an idea of not just where, but how you spend your cash, allowing you to adjust your habits accordingly. The cherry on top of the cake, however, is just how user-friendly this card actually is. You see, it actively encourages you to pay your bill with the aim of avoiding interest payments. It even grants you cash-back rewards for spending and, more importantly, comes without fees of any kind. All that and more can be yours when the Apple Card is released this summer.

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