Apple Arcade

We’ve heard a lot about how video game streaming is poised to kill off in-home consoles. But we weren’t sure of the viability of such technology until recently, as more and more brands have begun to get onboard. The coffin nail for consoles, however, might just be Apple’s new Arcade service.

The straightforward subscription service will allow users to access a library of video games that can be played anytime, anywhere — even offline — on any of the brand’s tech platforms. That includes the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and even Apple TV. It can also be shared amongst six individual users/devices, comes completely free of advertisements, and even allows users to jump from platform to platform seamlessly. With an already-impressive roster of games — including 100+ exclusives not found elsewhere — Apple Arcade is set to launch this fall. Pricing for the subscription service will be unveiled at a later date.

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