Apple Unveils Long-Awaited AirPods Pro With Active Noise-Cancelling

Apple has always been one for high-profile technology reveals, but recently, they’ve taken a different approach by unveiling one of the company’s most anticipated peripherals in nothing more than a press release. The AirPods Pro, a premium follow-up to the conglomerate’s lauded original, has arrived just in time for the holiday season.

As you might expect, the AirPods Pro will elaborate on all of the strengths of their predecessor — bringing the peripheral’s sleek, slimline silhouette, durable IPX4 water-resistant construction, and impeccable audio quality to the Apple fanbase. But, unlike the baseline AirPod, the Pro will introduce a handful of sought-after upgrades, including flexible, replaceable ear tips, adaptable EQ that will tailor the sound to the shape of your ear, and hands-free Siri support to keep you focused on the objective at hand. That’s not all, though; to compete with other dominant companies in the wireless headphone space, Apple has introduced its very own transparency mode, which utilizes built-in microphones to detect external sound at up to 200 times per second. determine which waves are problematic, and eliminate them for a more encapsulated listening experience. With the AirPods Pro’s included charging case, you’ll be able to enjoy 24 hours of extended listening, helping to amplify the headphones’ 4.5-hour baseline. Head to Apple’s website to pick up your own pair on October 30 for $250.

Purchase: $250