Apple’s First Over-Ear Hi-Fi Headphones Offer ANC, Spatial Audio, & Adaptive EQ

When Apple first debuted its AirPods back in 2016, it created a global cultural phenomenon. For though the true wireless earbuds started as mere social media material, as time wore on, they became quite the elite status symbol. Today, they’re ubiquitous throughout our lives — not a day goes by without a reference to these high-profile headphones.

And just in time for the holiday season, Apple is at it again. Dubbed the AirPods Max, the latest piece of hardware to come from the California tech giant is a pair of premium over-ear headphones. Pairing an eye-catching aesthetic with hi-fi audio performance, they make for quite the first entry into the segment. For starters, they’re built with a custom acoustic design as well as a dynamic 40mm driver — a combination that ensures unrivaled range accuracy from deep bass notes to clean high-frequency extension. What’s more, they come with Adaptive EQ, an addition that measures earcup fit and seal in real-time in order to optimize the low- and mid-range listening experience. And thanks to their spatial audio and dynamic head tracking, the headphones can deliver theater-like quality virtually anywhere. Top it off with features like ANC, 20 hours of playtime, and automatic device switching, and you have a compelling option that’s hard to pass up. They’ll be available for $549 starting December 15th.

Purchase: $549