Apollo Penlight

Back in 1968, a company by the name of ACR supplied NASA with a series of flashlights that were provided to the crew manning the historic Apollo missions. However, one such mission Apollo 13, is one of the more remembered missions of the series – for both frightening and triumphant reasons. Utilized by the astronauts aboard that spacecraft, these reliable flashlights built by ACR were the key ingredient to keeping them alive during their near death experience in the throes of space. Now, this Kickstarter campaign is looking to bring these flashlights back to life.

Interestingly enough, this would be the first time ever that a version of the original Apollo penlight would be made available to the public. Here, we have a slightly updated version of the piece complete with a high-efficiency LED light and 100-meter water resistance all while respecting the external appearance, dimensions, and design of the original. The project is currently live on Kickstarter and is now taking reservations for interested parties.

Kickstarter: $116+