Apogee Adapt-X Folding Trailer

Few things are quite as fun as getting out into the great outdoors aboard your favorite motorcycle, quad, snowmobile, or whatever else you enjoy riding. But unless your property backs up against your favorite off-roading landscape, you’re going to need some kind of rig to haul all your toys. With traditional trailers, storing them can take up as much room as a car. Apogee found the perfect solution, however, in their Adapt-X folding trailer.

With a capacity of 2,000 pounds and a format big enough to fit two bikes or a single quad or snowmobile, the Adapt-X is a perfect flatbed trailer for behind-the-car towing. The best part of it, though, is that it actually folds down to a fraction of its full size (3-feet-wide when folded) in just two minutes. It’s also built from extremely tough but lightweight aluminum, includes an anti-skid surface, has a 4-foot fold-out ramp, and even has its own onboard lighting system that feeds power off your car’s system. Get one today for $3,290.

Purchase: $3,290