This Carbon Fiber Fishing Kayak Is The Most Advanced In The World

Though carbon fiber was initially developed primarily for use in the aerospace and aviation industries, the material has since been adopted by a host of different sectors and product spaces, thanks to the weave’s immense strength and lightness, and ability to withstand extreme heat. And while carbon fiber kayaks are nothing new, few if any in the world are as advanced as the newly unveiled Apex Watercraft TYR Advanced Fishing Kayak.

Constructed around a carbon fiber epoxy foam core, this cutting-edge carbon kayak is the brainchild of world-champion freestyle kayaker and kayak designer Eric “EJ” Jackson, though Apex’s ranks also include the individual that previously oversaw the composites program for Lockheed Martin’s F-22 Raptor project. Measuring just under 13’ and weighing in at just 40lbs, the vessel also packs carbon fins, neodymium super magnets inlaid into the boat for holding tools and gear, carbon foot-braces and a carbon swivel bucket seat, carbon paddle, built-in rod stagers, custom cork decking, and a genuine titanium TYR badge. The Apex Watercraft TYR Advanced Fishing Kayak is currently available via an early-bird special on the company’s Kickstarter page for $7,999 before the regular MSRP later jumps to $11K.

Kickstarter: $7,999+