This Ultra-Luxe 700HP ‘Hyper-Limo’ Off-Road SUV Is Based On RAM’s 1500

There’s something to be said about companies who disown traditional manufacturing methods for a more artisanal approach, especially when it comes to automotive development. Anzom, one of the most interesting outfits in Italy, is one such example, harkening back to the skillful integration of contemporary craftsmanship to channel the lost art of coachbuilding.

In an effort to revitalize the “tradition that made Italian cars famous all around the world,” Anzom’s luxurious Palladium hybrid has taken on a suite of premium components and parts, all of which have been carefully devised by the brand’s talented engine builders, tanners, panel beaters, and designers. Labeled as “hyper-limousine” by Anzom, itself, the Palladium is an outlandish sedan/pickup crossover that adopts some of the less-enticing aspects of each, presenting them in an even more shocking manner. Drawing direct inspiration from the Dodge Ram 1500, of all vehicles, this awkward unison of high-end aspects introduces flared fenders, chrome accents, horizon windows, and a rear “tailgate” drawer that slides outward, deviating from a traditional top-down design. Inside, a luxurious combination of wood, leather, and aluminum complements the Palladium’s limo-like persona, calling upon hidden drink cabinets and a Harman Kardon audio system to place riders in the lap of luxury. A powerful 700-horsepower 5.7-liter V8 engine rounds out this limited-to-10 model. Head to Anzom’s site for more information on the project.

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