Burton’s Anon Snowboard Helmets Have Crumple Tech To Protect Your Head

It wasn’t too long ago that wearing a helmet whilst snowboarding was viewed as a black mark against one’s abilities. And it shouldn’t be, because donning a lid is one of the most effective ways to protect oneself against injury out on the slopes. Sure, your pride might take a hit in the process, but it’s better than a trip to the hospital.

As part of its ongoing effort to improve the safety of its snowboard helmets, Anon has introduced an industry-first within its new Merak and Logan models: Wavecel. In practice, the technology functions much like a crumple zone on a car, absorbing the initial frictional forces, collapsing under the impact, and then displacing the energy before it can reach the rider’s head. When paired with a lightweight shell and an in-mold EPS liner, it makes for an iron-clad defense against head injuries. And along with the added safety, the Merak and Logan helmets also come loaded with features to get your bucket snug. For instance,  they include a 360 BOA fit system,  a magnetic Fidlock buckle for easy one-handed operation, as well as a Polartec fleece lining for added comfort. You can buy them today starting at $220.

Purchase: $220+