Anki Vector Robot

Move over WALL-E. Anki is introducing its own adorable little automaton. The company that brought us Cozmo – along with the OVERDRIVE Robotic cars – has created a pocket sized pal they call Vector, and it’s a robot built for life.

Billed as the most advanced home robot that’s ever been built, Vector is small enough to fit in your hand, but packs plenty of personality. Crafted as your little helper, Vector emulates curiosity, awareness, and when he’s helping you – happiness. Like his spiritual big-sisters Alexa and Siri, Vector will answer any question you pose to him. The perfect stocking stuffer, he’s a walking (rolling) weather forecaster, a timer, roving camera, and blackjack dealer. Plus, Anker promises to fill him up with additional functionalities over time, transmitting over the cloud such capabilities as calendar duties, security camera skills, word of the day wisdom, and more. Thinking, sensing, hearing, and self charging are tools Vector already possesses, along with a cheeky and affectionate personality that Anki likens to those belonging to fennec foxes, sugar gliders, and other affable little critters.

Purchase: $200