Anker Powerhouse

Just a few years back, prepping your house for severe weather or power outages meant throwing down for a big gas generator, among many other things. Now, in a world where our electronic devices are increasingly more important to how we interact with the world, Anker has put out a hefty battery meant to be used for when you need it most.

Crowned the Anker Powerhouse, this thing holds up to 120,600mAh (for context, it could keep a minifridge going for 7 hours or keep your phone charged for a month), it has an AC output, four USB ports, and a 12-volt car socket. To keep you and your devices safe, Anker built a battery management system into this device that keeps temperature controlled, and regulates its voltage. Weighing in at 9 pounds, and taking about 10 hours to fully charge – this thing belongs next to all of the emergency supplies in your house. You can own one for $500. [Purchase]