Anker Powerhouse 200 Portable Rechargeable Generator

Anker is a trusted name in the rechargeable battery world, and two years ago, they released the Powerhouse — one of the highest rated systems in the industry. Now, the company has decided to cut back on size, stature, and price for this year’s Powerhouse 200.

The capacity of Anker’s new Powerhouse 200 has been cut in half following its predecessor, but the good news is that it’s now easier to pack, stow, and carry — alongside a price tag that’s almost $200 less than the company’s larger offering. While the original portable generator boasted a staggering 120,600mAh, the Powerhouse 200 will step in with a 57,600mAh charge that helps to cut back on unneeded weight and size. It can charge a MacBook more than five times, a standard mobile phone more than 12 times, and can even power a number of small appliances (like a mini-fridge) for over four hours. As with any power-oriented storage solution, the Anker contains USB-C and wall outlet compatibility for quick replenishment — but if you’re thinking of taking this sultry solution off-grid, it’s also compatible with the company’s PowerPort Solar charger — ensuring that your devices stay running no matter the circumstance.

Purchase: $400