DSPTCH Unveils A Modular BioThane Guitar Strap With A Fidlock Coupling

As one of the most popular and commonly-played instruments of all time, the guitar has seen a myriad of technological advancements and breakthroughs since its arrival in the 16th century. And despite almost certainly being the most common accessory, the same can’t be said for the guitar strap, which has gone almost entirely unchanged over the last few centuries. Recognizing this disparity, the envelope-pushing design team at DSPTCH has partnered with Los Angeles-based music producer, Brandon Smith of the Anix to create a reinvented version of the guitar strap.

Like a traditional strap, this novel version boasts a 1.5” nylon webbing, though that’s where the similarities end. Made in America, the DSPTCH guitar strap is equipped with a supplementary 1.5” wide BioThane webbing, Mil-Spec nylon fasteners, a magnetic Fidlock coupling, and dual-layered TPU connectors. Collectively, these features allow for better stability and grip, while also offering an effortless height-adjustment mechanism. The magnetic modularity of this item also means different colored adjustment segments of the strap can be swapped out on the fly. Available now in three color options, the Anix x DSPTCH Modular Guitar Strap starts at $60.

Purchase: $60+