You Can Cash In This NFT For A Secret, Never-Before-Seen NASA Space Watch

The whole idea behind NFTs is that they don’t exist. Well, not physically anyway. But a new NFT from Anicorn Watches is turning that idea on its head, as they have created a NASA Space Watch NFT that can actually be cashed in for a real, genuine timepiece.

The way it works is this: whoever purchases the NFT gains access to exclusive video and audio — presumably of the watch — that can’t be viewed elsewhere. The owner can then decide whether to hold, sell, or redeem their NFT. If they choose the latter, they’ll be trading in their non-fungible token for an actual NASA Space Watch designed by Richard Danne, designer of the iconic NASA Worm logo. The actual watch will never be shown to the public, so unless the owner of this NFT cashes it in and posts photos of the watch online, we’ll never know what Danne’s creation looks like. The unique project is both the first NFT to involve NASA and the first NFT that can be traded in for an actual watch. While not technically for sale, the NFT is on Rarible and is taking bids, so you still have your chance at becoming the only person in the world to own this mysterious Space Watch.

Purchase: $644+