Anicorn Oddjects NASA Space Jam Basketball

After releasing their massively popular limited edition NASA timepiece, Anicorn is at it again with an item you can fly with to the rim. The Anicorn Oddjects NASA Space Jam Basketball won’t give you the talent of NBA players who rocket for monster jams on the daily, but it’s a must-have for anyone in love with space exploration and hoops.

With the help of Hong Kong lifestyle brand GrowthRing & Supply, this limited edition basketball satisfies all the size and weight requirements for the NBA. Part of the Anicorn and NASA 60th Anniversary collaboration, the ball features an exclusive microfiber composite leather cover in all white with the NASA worm logo and GPS coordinate of the Kennedy Space Center. Each basketball comes in a beautiful matching velvet bag so you can keep it safe when it’s not on display. Scoop up this $106 basketball soon before they’re gone.

Purchase: $106