Analogue Mega Sg Retro Gaming Console

Retro gaming has seen a huge boost in popularity lately and we think that’s stellar. Our one issue: most of the hype seems to be aimed toward the old releases of Nintendo and not so much for anyone else. That looks to be changing now, however, as the folks at Analogue have just announced a new Sega-based console called the Mega Sg.

Obviously inspired by the brand’s ’90s consoles — though with a cleaner and sleeker modern design — this beautiful piece of hardware can play any cartridge from Sega’s Genesis, Mega Drive, and Master system. For those keeping score, that’s over 2,180 games, including the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Streets of Rage, etc. The brand is also planning on developing adaptors that will expand the range to other devices, like the Game Gear and SG-series consoles. And you get all that with virtually zero lag, upscaled HD output, high-quality digital sound, and compatibility with Bluetooth wireless controllers — like those made by 8bitdo, which can be purchased alongside the Mega Sg at a discounted price. This marvelous retro gaming machine is on pre-sale now for $190 a pop.

Purchase: $190