Analog Atari Pong Table

Thanks to the hard work of some guys down in Uruguay, the classic Attari game is being reborn in physical form. Like the world of Tron, this arcade game has made its way back as a striking combination of the analogue and digital worlds.

There is something both ridiculous and undeniably cool about this project. One of the first widely popular video games made an analogue game digital, and now nearly forty years later it’s being made physical once more. Over the past two years, a team of amateur tinkerers and craftsman have come together to incrementally improve on this Table Pong Project in their free time and have finally arrived at a working prototype. Both the paddles and cubed ball move as if not attached to anything, while the surface of the table features the same minimalist black and white design the original did. Who knows what the licensing would look like on something like this – but if this crew ever ends up selling their Pong table, we want one.

Analog Pong 4

Analog Pong 2

Analog Pong 3