Ampware Handcrank Case for iPhone

The problem with portable smartphone chargers is that you have to remember to charge your portable battery in order for it to be an effective solution for your dying phone. Not any more, as the Ampware case allows you to create your own power.

The uniquely designed charger was inspired by old hand crank radios, and it has a hand crank that can generate up to an hour of battery life (or 5 hours of standby battery life) with just five minutes of cranking. So if you catch your phone on its last leg before dying, you can pop out the crank, use it for five or ten minutes, and voila — you’ve got yourself some more phone time. Of course, it also protects your phone with its flexible bumper that absorbs impact. It’s available for the iPhone 6/6s for $79 in three different colors, Shadow (Black), Sport (Lime Green), and Ranger (Olive Green). [Purchase]