Ampere’s Shower Speaker Converts Flowing Water Into Battery Power

It’s a fact that shower time is reserved for unprecedented relaxation, especially when some of our favorite music is involved. The issue comes with the collision of sounds within the space. Oftentimes, the sound of the water drowns out your small, mobile speaker (or phone), leaving a lot to be desired in terms of clarity. That’s why Ampere has devised the “Shower Power” hydro speaker — a head-mounted, Bluetooth-enable device that’s slated to change the game for water-savvy listeners.

Ampere’s Shower Power speaker takes the idea of a mounted, in-shower model and turns it on its head. Instead of mounting to the wall, this unique device has been designed to secure directly to your shower’s piping. The best part? It’s powered entirely by the flow of water through said pipe, relying on an internal impeller to convert water flow into energy, resulting in up to 16 hours of operable use. This recycled ocean plastic model even features an internal amplifier to fill your bathing area with immersive soundwaves. Of course, it would be difficult to control your favorite tunes without the included waterproof remote, keeping your storage and streaming devices out of harm’s way. Head to Ampere’s Kickstarter page to learn more about the interesting platform, which is slated for sale at $60.

Purchase: $60