Amp iPhone Speaker Case

Dec 4, 2019

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The iPhone 6 hasn’t been available for more than a couple weeks, and companies are already flooding the market with accessories built specifically for Apple’s beloved smartphone. The latest gizmo to land on the retail scene is one that audiophiles will love in the Amp iPhone Speaker Case.

Created by former Microsoft employees Alex Selig and Varun Srinivasan, this is more than just your standard protective case. The new iPhone has seen some nice improvements, from the larger screen to the slightly more powerful processor. But the speaker remains the same – and for many, it falls a little short. This is where Amp comes in.

Amp iPhone Speaker Case 2
Amp attaches to your phone, and uses advanced algorithms to not only increase sound output from your phone’s speaker, but also personalize it. Equipped with an ARM M4 processor, and 24-bit digital to analog converter, this case uses its built-in microphone to measure ambient sounds and adjusts accordingly using a feature called dynamic noise reduction. It also learns your musical preferences and hearing pattern helping to create the ultimate personalized music experience.

Amp iPhone Speaker Case 3
Now if you’re just looking to increase the sound output on your iPhone’s speaker, this thing is nearly twice as loud as the stock setup, and provides 7 hours of playback time. The built-in amp also works with headphones (20-hour playback time), and to top it all off – it increases your battery life by 25%.

Amp is compatible with all versions of the iPhone 5, and also works with both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The company plans on shipping during the holiday season, and is currently offering up pre-orders through their online store. [Purchase]

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