Ammo Can X by Ammo Audio

Jun 1, 2016

Category: Tech

Ammo can speakers are nearly everywhere, and we totally get why. First off, they look cool, secondly – they’re ultra portable. Just because these things are everywhere doesn’t mean they are all the same, however. Only a few really stand out from the crowd when it comes to functionality and high fidelity, and the Ammo Can X is among the best of them – perhaps the best of them.

Boasting two four inch Coaxial speakers that can reach up to 108 decibels, a fifty foot Bluetooth range, and 24 hours of playback time, you’ll be rocking out all day and all night with this thing. Due to the fact that these speakers can hold a charge for so long, you can also easily charge your electronic devices via the two USB ports on the military style control panel. Prices are set at $350. [Purchase]

Ammo Can X by Ammo Audio 1

Ammo Can X by Ammo Audio 3

Ammo Can X by Ammo Audio 4

Ammo Can X by Ammo Audio 5

Ammo Can X by Ammo Audio 6

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