Amazon Breaks Into The World Of Fitness Tracking With Its AI-Assisted ‘Halo’ Band

Until now, the world of fitness tracking has been dominated by two of the tech industry’s biggest names: Apple, and Fitbit. While 2020 has been relatively slow for the cutting-edge companies, it’s about to get a little more interesting, thanks to Amazon’s sudden admittance into the space.

To battle Apple’s award-winning Watch, as well as Fitbit’s various fitness- and health-focused models, Amazon has announced that it will be entering the wrist-worn segment with its “Halo” program — a sleek, low-profile band that pairs with an app to store aggregate statistics and data regarding daily exercise. Inside of the slim, faceless wristband, Amazon has included a bevy of sensors, artificial intelligence, an accelerometer, temperature sensor, and heart rate monitor, and various speakers/microphones for smart voice recognition. Dive deeper into the suite and you’ll find sleep tracking, recovery metrics, and 3D-modeled body fat percentages, courtesy of your phone’s front-facing camera. Head to Amazon to sign up for the $65 device’s early-access program.

Purchase: $65