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Amazon Shakes Up Grocery Shopping With The First Smart ‘Fresh’ Store

Following Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods in 2017, the upscale grocery chain experienced a major technological facelift. In addition to integrating its prime delivery service, Amazon also added Alexa shopping lists and Lockers in an effort to bring modern convenience to healthful food shopping.

But Amazon is not one to fall victim to complacency — despite overhauling Whole Foods over the last several years, the Seattle-based tech giant recently launched its first “Amazon Fresh” grocery store. Located in Woodland Hills, California, the store features a number of Amazon devices designed to facilitate the customer’s seamless shopping experience. Throughout the store, Amazon’s Echo Show displays provide customers with guidance on where to find grocery items, courtesy of Alexa voice assistant. Additionally, the store is debuting the Amazon Dash Cart, a smart shopping cart that can not only scan groceries and display customers’ online shopping lists but also serve as an individual checkout station. Having loaded their cart with groceries, customers exit the store through a lane with sensors that will automatically charge the payment method on their Amazon account. Though the store is currently only open to select customers, it is set to expand access soon.

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