Amazon’s Smart Echo Studio Features 5 Speakers & Adaptive 3D Audio

Making a spectacular entrance into the high-fidelity territory, Amazon is debuting a brand new speaker to give companies like Apple and Sonos a run for their money. The Amazon Echo Studio Speaker is coming, and it’s built to project immaculate sound around your home.

The device houses five speakers inside its minimalist cylindrical structure: one 1-inch tweeter, one 5.25-inch woofer to fill the room, and three 2-inch mid-range speakers. It features an acoustic system that adapts to any room in your headquarters, and it’s compatible with music mastered in 3D. And it’s packing the standard features you’ve come to expect in a Bluetooth speaker, including compatibility with major streaming services, a microphone off button, Alexa, and more. To ensure you get optimal playback no matter what room you’re jamming out in, accept no substitutions. The Amazon Echo Studio Speaker will drop on November 7, and you can pick one up for $200.

Purchase: $200