Amazon Echo Show

Amazon’s Alexa has become incredibly popular since its release in 2014. The digital assistant’s ability to read you the news, help you shop, and control your smart home gadgets has put it at the top of the heap in the tech world. Now, with the release of the touchscreen and camera equipped Amazon Echo Show, things are only getting better.

Thanks to the 7-inch screen on this new device from the tech behemoth, the digital assistant Alexa can now display information Рlike your calendar, the news, or the weather Рas well as allow you to video chat. This last feature may be the most game-changing. The video quality on the Echo Show promises to be top of the line while the hefty speakers with Dolby processing give the audio a crisp and full feel. The eight microphones with beam-forming technology will pick up your command to call home and you can instantly see your friends or loved ones without having to tap through a bunch of apps. Although it probably goes without saying, the device will also allow you to easily shop on Amazon, too.

Purchase: $230