Amazon’s 4th-Gen Echo Speaker Gains A Powerful Processor & Spherical Redesign

When it debuted in 2014, Amazon’s Echo smart speaker was the first of its kind. From answering questions to ordering takeout, the Echo changed smart home tech forever. For though digital assistants were once a thing of science fiction, there are new entries riding Amazon’s coattails all the time. However, with the fourth-gen echo, Amazon has stepped the game up even further.

Featuring a uber-futuristic spherical design, the new Echo smart speaker looks like something ripped straight out of Minority Report. What’s more, it has the performance to back its space-age aesthetic. Underneath the hood, the Echo comes with a number of upgrades, such as adaptive sound technology and a built-in Zigbee smart home hub. With the addition of the former, the fourth-gen Echo will be able to tune itself to optimize its audio for your home. And thanks to the latter, it’ll connect to smart networks more easily than ever, with the added benefit of Amazon Sidewalk compatibility. But the most exciting update has to be the powerful AZ1 Neural Edge Processor — by giving the Echo local machine learning, it’ll process commands better and also faster than ever. For reference, Amazon has also announced and unveiled a smaller Echo Dot version with similar styling and upgrades. Available in three colors, the Echo will retail for $100.

Purchase: $100