Aluminum Straight Razor by Discommon

If you have any doubt about the human tendency to try and improve no matter what – just look at men’s razors. From the straight razor, to the 4 blade head with moisture strips, we’ve innovated and then innovated again. Even after all this time, there is no sign of a slowdown. Just recently Discommon, the California based designer, announced a new aluminum straight razor that will push the envelope even further.

Working with the folks at Hart Steel to craft a unique blade profile, Discommon ended up turning out a striking looking product that is as much a piece of art as it is a functional tool. Not even the roughest facial hair is a match for the hardness of the tempered 01 tool steel blade, which measures an impressive 62-63 on the HRC scale. The aerospace-grade aluminum blade comes honed, oiled, and ready to shave meaning you’ll have no reason not to have a smooth face. As if all of that wasn’t good enough, every part of this piece is made in California – from the anodization on the metal to the leather case this razor comes with – so your purchase will go towards supporting home-grown innovation and craftsmanship. Grab one for $800. [Purchase]

Straight Razor by Discommon 1

Straight Razor by Discommon 2

Straight Razor by Discommon 3

Straight Razor by Discommon 4