Aluminum And Wood Fusion Furniture

Feb 10, 2016

Category: Living

Like raw fish and rice, aluminum and wood didn’t exactly sound like a match made in heaven when we first heard it; but that’s just us. Clearly Israel-based industrial designer Hilla Shamia knows much more than we do about such things, given the gorgeous pieces of fusion furniture she’s created.

The process doesn’t simply involve combining the two materials, oh no. Shamia pours the aluminum directly into the crevices of the wood, beautifully burning it and casting it into the body of the pieces. The end results look pretty darn stunning, with the two sources combining to make a much greater team than we ever imagined. And hey, the tables look they’d do a great job of holding some sushi on too.

Aluminum And Wood Fusion Furniture 2

Aluminum And Wood Fusion Furniture 3

Aluminum And Wood Fusion Furniture 4

Aluminum And Wood Fusion Furniture 5

Aluminum And Wood Fusion Furniture 6

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