Alu-Cab’s Canopy Camper Turns Your 4×4 Pickup Into An Off-Road Home

Taking the leap from a 4×4 pickup/rooftop tent setup to that of a full-fledged RV might be a bit drastic, especially since the difference in size, capability, and pricing might seem like severe detractors. Luckily, Alu-Cab has created the perfect middle ground for those looking to upgrade their off-grid camping experience without getting rid of their favorite 4×4 vehicle.

The newly-revealed Alu-Cab Canopy Camper is a versatile system introduced to work alongside a variety of the industry’s most prominent off-road platforms, including trucks like the Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma, and Chevy Colorado. Below the Canopy’s thermally-focused dual-layer canvas exterior, users will be able to utilize the entirety of their truck’s bed for storage, toy hauling, or other off-road pleasantries, while a pop-up rooftop enclosure ensures that you’ll have a comfortable, out-of-reach area to relax after a long day of activity. At a dry weight of around 462 pounds, the Canopy Camper was formulated to bridge the gap between expensive, space-dependent trailers and convenient Overlanding setups, resulting in the modular, adaptable variant that you see here. And the best part? It comes fully outfitted to fit your specific needs, giving you the flexibility of a bespoke canopy without all of the extensive design periods and long-winded production practices. Head to Alu-Cab’s website to inquire.

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