Altor 560G Bike Lock

We are avid fans of cycling, so we know the associated perils all too well. And while we can’t do much to change the driving habits of people on the road, we’re glad to know that companies like Altor are helping us manage the other big plight: thieves. Too often we hear tales of people’s bikes getting stolen. So when we stumbled upon the 560G bike lock, we had to share.

This folding style lock is made from a grade 5 titanium “super alloy” that’s strong enough to ward off even the most seasoned thief. Yet, the weight and compact design allow it to be carried easier on your bike’s frame, in a pack, or even on your hip. It also uses a high security disc detainer locking mechanism, which is far more secure than your average tumbler. This 26 inch lock can also be combined with other 560Gs for a longer, more secure, modular style chain. And it’s finished with a PVC coating that will protect it and your bike from mutual scratching. The 560G retails for $180. [Purchase]

Altor The 560G Bike Lock 01

Altor The 560G Bike Lock 02