Alta Motors Redshift

Now eco-warriors and motorcycle fanatics have something in common: The Redshift. It’s is an electric motocross rider that is rough and ready for action, but also completely battery-powered, so no more dirty combustion to worry about, just the pure adrenaline rush of the next trick.

Currently you can pre-order the Redshift in both MX and SM style from Alta Motors, which is a San Francisco-based company with an array of bikes for almost any riding style. Plated for the street, this is a race sumo bike with off-roading DNA meant for tricks on tracks or dirt-biking out in the field. It has a comfortable 25/40 HP and a battery range of approximately 50 miles. With a top speed that is close to 85 mph and 17-inch spoked wheels on the front and back, it’s a definite runner that’s quieter and less destructive than its gas-fueled counterparts. The Redshift starts at $15,000. [Purchase]

Alta Motors Redshift 2

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