Alta Motors Redshift ST

Started in San Francisco around 2007, Alta Motors has already carved a spot out for themselves as both capable bike designers and technological innovators with their Motocross and Supermoto model bikes. That, however, has not stopped them from continuing to work on platforms for their all-electric motorcycle engines. In fact, they plan to release a concept at this year’s The One Moto Show – in Portland, Oregon – that could become their third production model. It’s called the Redshift ST.

Though they haven’t revealed any information about the performance or battery capabilities of this bike, we do know a few notable facts. For starters, ST stands for Street Tracker, meaning that this bike is to be a road-legal version of a flat track motorcycle. It’s also fitted with a lowered WP suspension that brings the seat down to 31.5 inches – making this bike more friendly to a wider range of rider heights. Lastly, it’s equipped with dual 19-inch rubber-wrapped BSR carbon fiber wheels, which serve to polish off the bike’s overall flat track style. Expect to hear more about power and price once the bike is revealed, but you can keep an eye on their site until then. [Purchase]