Alpinestars 55th Anniversary Ducati 750 Sport

Alpinestars has run the gamut in motorsports gear since the company was founded in 1963, carrying everything track riders and adventurous spirits need. Last week, they celebrated 55 years of sporting excellence, and in commemoration of the double-nickel duration, they commissioned a decked-out Ducati 750 Sports from Woolie’s Workshop in Venice Beach, California.

The man hired for the job was Michael Woolaway, a master of metallurgy and one of the most popular car and motorcycle customizers in the Los Angeles area. He was tasked with tying together the classic style of Alpinestars products from the bygone beginning years with the company’s contemporary aesthetic. What Woolaway wrought is a perfect welding of past and future. Woolaway fitted a 1974 Ducati 750 Sport engine – brand new, too, a rare find – with a sharp red frame and an old-school look, which was custom-fabricated by C & J Frames founder and motorsports legend Jeff Cole. Then, to wrench the racer back to the future, Woolaway installed Öhlins suspension, Marchessini Wheels, Brembo brakes, and an Akrapovič titanium pipe – all top of the line, cutting edge parts to meet Woolie’s lofty standards. This mixture of old and new, past and future, doesn’t clash, but provides a beautiful, panoramic tribute to Alpinestar’s anniversary.

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