Alpine Labs Pulse

Back in the day, if you wanted to avoid camera shake while taking long exposure shots, you’d have to use a long cable with a button at the end of it that would manually click open your shutter. Now, thanks to Alpine Labs, users can do that and much more with the wireless Pulse remote.

This piece of tech gives photographers access to almost all of the features on their digital camera without having to manually click the shutter button. All users have to do is to set up their shooter on a tripod, slide the Pulse into the Hot shoe, and they can control everything from basic adjustments like aperture, shutter, and iso to HDR bracketing with a smartphone. Whether you are a pro who is looking for a new and more versatile tool for shooting time lapses, or a beginner who wants to play around with a new way of capturing images, this Bluetooth connective device and app are perfect. With 24 hours of battery life and compatibility with almost all Canon and Nikon camera bodies, it’s the perfect grab for photo nerds. Prices start at $89. [Purchase]

Alpine Labs Pulse 1

Alpine Labs Pulse 2

Alpine Labs Pulse 3